Leather bags are novel among men’s extras. A decent one will endure forever and, if treated well, take a gander toward the end than the start of your life together. Just leather has this quality, picking up an individual patina from the way it is utilized and administered to, and a sack gives the biggest canvas on which that rich excellence can be shown. The nature of leather attaches holdalls and brief cases fluctuates colossally. Basically there are basically three main things to check before choosing a Genuine leather bag which are read more at Ayaan Products

  • Leather Quality
  • Hardware Quality
  • Stitching Quality

Leather Quality

Great quality leather is the most material region. Get a delicate case, similar to a holdall, and feel how supple it is in your grasp. Have a go at twisting it inwards, towards the focal point of the sack, and look for sharp wrinkles at first glance that show whether there is some sort of covering on the top. A decent leather will wrinkle just like over skin as pure leather is made up of animal skins so it get wrinkled on bending. Original leather which is made up of pure cow or other grass feed animals are few inch thicker then the others because these animals have thick skin so leather made by there skin is thick.

Hardware Quality

Only leather is not important in choosing a good leather bag the hardware use in it was also important like zips, hooks, handles and many other metal or steal things. The branded leather bags are good because the use good quality bags of hardware while the other local made bags are not heavily equipped. So try to check hardware items before buy the bag by using then for few secs. In this way u know the hardware use in make of leather bags are good and as well as the leather.

Stitching Quality

Sewing by hand is constantly more grounded than a machine on the grounds that it includes two strings entwining through the leather. A machine can’t do the two strings entwining through the leather. That is the prime reason handmade leather bags  are so costly. the local made bags are mostly stitched by machine thats why the thread broke easily because the tread use in machines are not of good quality. Branded bags are mostly stitch by hands with good tread quality so try to ask the shopkeeper about the stitching this weather its hand made or machine made the jacket master


While choosing a leather bag for each conceivable outfit you can assemble is, without a doubt, unrealistic for the vast majority of us, it merits putting resources into maybe a couple quality sacks that cover off the lion’s share of situations whether you invest a large portion of your energy in the exercise center or at gatherings drinking gin. what sort of man would you say you are? In the event that you haven’t made this inquiry, odds are you’re dragging around a shabby, severely proportioned number that simply isn’t finishing your appear as though it ought to.