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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

White t-shirts, split thumbs and Bear Grylls

D'you know what I'm wondering? Where did Meg Ryan (or rather her stylist) get the white t-shirt that she's wearing in 'You've Got Mail' in that scene in the book store the first time she meets Tom Hanks?

There are some wardrobe staples that should be easy to find, like a good white t-shirt, jeans, boots, a decent bra for goodness sake, but they are precisely the ones that would leave Sherlock Holmes baffled. But this one *points to the screen* is the perfect white t-shirt. It lies completely flat at just the right point between her neck and her d├ęcolletage (or her boobs if you'd rather, and I'm sure you would, who wouldn't after all, ok I'll stop digging this hole now), it has a nice wide-but-not-too-wide brand around the neck and it's glacier white. My best white t-shirt hangs rather limply, is sits too high up my neck and is a decidedly depressing shade of almost grey.

Do stylists have access to some fantasy clothing range? A clothes heaven where all the truly perfect clothes angels live? While the less honourable to down right criminal outfits languish amongst the rest of us mortals somewhere between the high street and the second hand shop. Not that you can't find some gorgeous vintage fare at Oxfam and the like, but I often wonder if they're paid to be there, you know, like a PR stunt. 'Stand here, let me get a photo of you in the window, and then you can go back to Clothes Heaven.'

Anyhow, that's what I was wondering when I should have been writing about this *points to hand*. I've got a cut on the top of my thumb. It's on my right hand. My writing hand. The cut is just deep enough to make it horribly painful to write. Now, I call it a cut, but actually it's a crack. A split. My skin just opened up and forgot to heal. It's been like this for a week now and it's getting boring. Not to mention inconvenient. And sore. Did I mention it's sore? I think it's probably caused by having my hands in water all day, up a little one's bottom, in the freezing cold and basically not letting them dry for any length of time. It's a wonder I don't have trench foot....err thumb.

I've tried everything to get it to heal - Savlon, plasters, dry skin cream, even New Skin. (Don't know about Germaline New Skin? It's like torture in a bottle. It creates an layer over a cut to let it heal and it stings like crazy. But it works, usually.) If anything the crevice is getting deeper. If it keeps going at this rate I may fall into it and disappear into my own thumb. And that would be embarrassing.

So if anyone has any miracle cures for split thumbs that won't heal please get in touch. Or, failing that, send Bear Grylls in to rescue me.

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  1. Oh love. Have just read this. Was drawn by your lovely Silent Sunday pic to have a poke around. Now, re split thumb (bugger the winter, just bugger it, and bloody Germaline new skin) you need to rest that bloody hand and drag spring forward... what? Not a miracle worker? I assume that you have marigolds? Do you wear them? I know, hands in and out of water all day and who has time for marigolds...

    Sorry, no use at all, just sympathy. x

  2. Thanks for poking around! Thankfully thumb has more or less healed. Rubber gloves and a couple jars of hand cream. Let's not talk about the scar though... x