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Thursday, 3 March 2011

What's your favourite black & white film?

Photo credit: Wikipedia
Love movies? Me too. This week's theme over at Metal Mummy's Movie Meme is black & white. I haven't seen any black & white films for years, they don't get shown on network TV much and I don't have any on DVD, but I do have some favourites...

Harold Lloyd was quite possibly the bravest actor EVER. Have you seen the film 'Safety First' (1923) where he hangs from the hands of a clock face, high above the street? Check out the picture at the top of this post. Back in the day there was no CGI and no stunt double. This is the real deal people.

Laurel & Hardy - classic black & white comedy. I challenge you not to laugh when they work together in a saw mill and end up sawing their car in half. Still makes me snigger. And the 'Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia'? Tee hee!

The Wizard of Oz - bit of a cheat here as only the beginning was in black and white but I do love the film,  especially the Wicked Witch, so I had to include it.

What's your favourite black & white film? Pop over to Metal Mummy and let everyone know...


  1. Wizard of Oz is a wonderful film, have not seen the others you mention thoug I know who Laurel and Hardy are.

  2. Ooo check out Harold Lloyd if you get a chance - heart-in-the-mouth stuff!! x

  3. Laurel & Hardy and Wizard of Oz - great choices :)

    Not seen Safety First...that is unbelievable stuff. I'll have to watch that with my friend who's a Health & Safety Officer ;)


  4. I'll definitely check out Safety First.

    The other two are classics. You just can't beat the slapstick humour of Laurel & Hardy. Shows it's good comedy, because it's still around today!

    Thanks for joining :) Hope you like next week's theme too! x

  5. Ha ha! Let me know what they say... once they've picked themselves back up off the floor :D
    P.S. Love your new blog look by the way x

  6. I agree, the classics still work! See you next week :D