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Monday, 3 January 2011

Putting on a face

Applying Lipstick

I love make-up. All those fabulous concoctions in beautiful packaging that promise to awaken the sleeping beauty within me. Sigh. If only it were true. I've shelled out more dosh than I care to think about hoping that this concealer or that 'barely-there' foundation will work miracles on my poor tired countenance while at the same time, ironically, looking entirely natural. And it seems I'm not the only one. Last year L’Oreal found that as the recession took hold, women were four times more likely to choose natural looking make-up than they were to wear brighter colours.

There's a saying that any given activity can expand to fill the time that you have to complete it (or something like that). However, in this house time contracts to fill a thimble so my make-up routine needs to be fast and effective. So here are my top five make-up ingredients for putting on an 'unexpected-visitor-face' in five mins or less:

1. Laura Mercier luminous tinted moisturiser + Channel Vitalumiere satin smoothing fluid make-up.
I haven't yet found a foundation or tinted moisturiser that matches my skin tone out of the box so I mix my own shade. Just a blob of each mixed between warm hands and smoothed on does the job.

2. Yves Sant Laurent Touche Eclat
It's become a bit of a cliché, but heck, it works. I blend it around my nose, under my eyes and anywhere I'm still a bit ruddy. (Apparently it's good for 'touch-ups' during the day too but, quite frankly, if I had time for that I'd be sitting with my feet up having a cuppa.)

3. Channel bronzer
All the magazines rave about cream blushers but I find them difficult to apply quickly without looking like someone's slapped me so I go for a powder and a large brush instead. 

4. Eyeliner in brown/black
My only eye-make-up. I'm not fussed about the brand really. 'What no mascara?!' I hear you cry. Nope. No matter how thoroughly I try and remove it at night I still have panda eyes the next day so I do without.

5. Vaseline or Elizabeth Arden 48 hour cream
Lip salves, eyebrow fixers, brow bone highlighters and general rough skin soothers. Both are fab.

Lipstick would have been nice to add to the list but I have a habit of smothering DD in kisses and she ends up with peach coloured smudges on her face that look like bruises so I normally don't bother using it.

What are your top beauty tips for a 'morning-in-a-jiffy' face?

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